Normal Weekly Times Available

Get a dynamic timestamp message for Discord, which will display times in the user's timezone. If you only want a single timestamp, or want that timestamp in a different format, please see the page this page was based on:

Select the days you're available:

Time group one

Start time:
End time:

Time group two (Can leave blank)

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End time:

Time group three (Can leave blank)

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End time:



Q1) What does this look like in Discord?

Q2) What timezone will this be displayed in?

It will be displayed in the reader's timezone. Discord knows to turn these timecodes into a timestamp that is local to the user.

Q3) Will this work with Daylight Savings Time?

The timestamp used is around within a week of the day you used the site. If you mouse over the Discord message, you can see the date associated with the message, and if that date is on a different DLS setting than what it is for a reader, it will be off. Since different nations change their DLS at different times and directions, it may be wise to get a fresh copy more frequently around the time that DLS likes to be shoved around.

Q4) How can I be sure what day is being used for a timecode?

You can mouse over the timecode in Discord, and it will show a popup to tell you. This is even more useful for the other timecode types, of which they might just say "1 day away" when you want to know exactly what time they are talking about.

Q5) What happens if the site goes down?

This will periodically happen. Let me know in Discord. Maybe someday I'll look into a better hosted solution (and fix my certificate being missing too).